Software Utility

Document and Information Processing Group (alphabetical order):

Team members: K.L. Kwok, I. Phillips, B. Sy, H. Wasserman, K. Yukawa

Software contributor: Sheri Chen, Bon Sy

Copyright 2001

C++Builder OCX control embedding the forms and controls used in the applications below:



Click to launch software utility for detecting document virtual boundary.

>>> C++ Builder OCX Application

>>> Authors: Sheri Chen, Bon Sy --- Copyright @ March 2001

>>> Click here to get a sample test data file

Requirement to run this software:

You need to have an account to run this software. This software runs out of Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. You need to ENABLE all ActiveX options in your browser before running this software. This software is an ActiveX application, thus runs on only Windows Operating System (e.g., Windows 95/98. ME, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 etc.) The software will automatically downloaded and installed into your computer. Depending upon your connection, it will take a one-time download that ranges between a minute (using a high speed connection) to 10 minutes (using 56K modem).

To run this software, your computer must connect to the Internet for login and user authentication. When the login dialog box shows up, enter the username/password, and specify the amount of time (in minutes) you wish to run the software. If your ISP does not block your port or assign dynamic IP on the run time, you will receive a response from the authentication server for your service request. With or without a response, close the "response" popup dialog box and the login dialog box, it will bring you to the next screen. The software will be ready to go if your request for execution has been granted by the authentication server.

To run the software, click "Open Input" to load the data file. The software will automatically compute the document boundary and the input data size. Leave the "scaling factor" alone unless input data are floating point number. In that case, change the scaling factor that will "scale" the input to become integer data. Then "Click" run to run. The output will show in the lower portion of the window. To save the output from the window to a file, click "Save Output Window".