NSF Project #9751135



Application of Computing Tools and PC-Instrumentation for Science Students: Enhanced Learning Through Visualization and Exploration


Project Description


Curriculum Development

CS 86 course description
CS 86 lesson plan
PHY 501 course description


Conference Publications

Enhancing Science and Technology Education: Pattern-based Learning and Curriculum Leading to Web Deployable Courseware (WEBNET 99)

Integrating Multimedia Techniques into CS Pedagogy (WEBNET 99)


Project Products

Lab 1: Aviation Weather Data Analysis
Lab 2: Sternberg short-term memory model

Statistical Correlation
An Introduction to Statistical Inference
Illustration of butterfly effect of chaos behavior using Lorenz's equation
A visualization example of a fractal electric charge
A Dynamical System Approach to Traveling Salesman Problem

2-D Data graphing & visualization tool
Concept of projectile motion and moving target intercept system
Concept of fractal and pattern visualization


Further Disseminations

CD-ROM Utilities

Colloquium on Learning Science and Technology Using Computing Tools and Scientific Instrumentation


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List of interesting cases in the E-community (Mathcad community)

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The project reported in this web is supported by the NSF CCLI (formerly ILI) program under the grant # DUE 9751135.


Contact information:

Bon K. Sy

Queens College/CUNY

Computer Science Department,

Flushing, NY 11367

Email: bon@bunny.cs.qc.edu

Voice: 718-997-3477

Fax: 718-997-3513